Membership Subscriptions

aka autopay or recurring payments

Last Update: November 17th, 2022

You must meet the following conditions in order to use recurring payments.

  1. Your department must be using as payment gateway.
  2. Your department must not be using split fees for credit card transactions.
  3. You must turn on Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB) in your account.
  4. The Silent Post URL must be entered in Please ask a representative for this URL information.
  5. You must turn Transaction Details API on in and ask a representative to activate both Reports and the recurring payment type of your choice (membership and/or advanced activity).
  6. Make sure you understand the blind, inflexible nature of recurring payments (See Autopay Reference Sheet).

Autopay Reference 

In the system, autopay is used to schedule future credit card transactions for the payment of balances on registrations in advanced activities and memberships that support autopay. The amount to be paid for each recurrence, the frequency of payment, and the dates of payment are all determined at the point of registration based on the settings of the advanced activity or membership.



Jane registers for Summer Camp on April 1st. She chooses a monthly option and selects the months of May, June, and August. This camp costs $100 per month. On the day she registers, a payment of $100 would be scheduled for May 1st, June 1st, and July 1st for a total of 3 payments, each the same amount.

What Autopay Works Well For

  • Activities or memberships where each week, month, or year of purchase is the same amount
  • Memberships with no foreseen end point
  • Activities where all available dates are required for registration
  • Activities where the dates of attendance do not vary from the ones registered for
  • Activities or memberships where attendance & fees are the same week to week or month to month

What Autopay Does Not Work Well For

  • Activities where the dates of attendance frequently change from the original registration
  • Activities or memberships where the cost of a week, month, or year is not the same as each
  • other week, month, or year
  • Activities or memberships that require a prerequisite registration or fee to register

Autopay Does Not Support the Following

  • Gateways other than
  • Deposits
  • Split fee configuration for credit card fees
  • Manual adjustments after or during registrations
  • Changes to the dates the recurrences will happen
  • Required memberships or prerequisite required activities

Autopay Does Support the Following

  • Changes to the start date of the recurrences for individual registrants in advanced activities if done before the recurrences start
  • Changes to the fee of recurrences by registrant in advanced activities
  • Changes to the number of recurrences for individual registrants in advanced activities if done before the recurrences start
  • Changes to the fee of recurrences in bulk for memberships
  • Product add-ons


Autopay is best used when the membership or advanced activity you have in mind is generally the same in fee from week to week or month to month and your customers generally stick to the dates they’ve registered for. These should also be activities or memberships without many requirements gating their entry in terms of required memberships or activities (forms are fine).

This process also works best when the supporting reports are monitored on a regular basis to prevent issues such as cards expiring before a payment is due.


Membership Subscriptions

A membership subscription is a recurring payment for a membership. It can be in weekly, monthly, or annual intervals. Once the subscription is set, the credit card will be charged at the beginning of the interval, such as Sunday for weekly, the first of the month for monthly, or the first of the year for annual intervals. The start date of the membership must be at least a day away from the date of the registration.

To Set Up a Membership with a Subscription

  1. Go to Memberships > Membership Lengths and Add New Membership Length. Under Type, if you select Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly, a drop menu appears which defaults to Standard. Choose Subscription from the menu and make selections according to the type of subscription you are making. This can also be done by editing an existing membership length that does not have registrations associated with it.
  2. Add the membership length to an existing membership or create a new one. Make sure you have a copy of the membership length that does not have the subscription setting turned on so your public can choose if they want to autopay.

Important to Know

  • If someone wants to start a membership before the interval starts, they should select a non-subscription membership length until their subscription starts. It is good to have a shorter interval like weekly that they can use until the subscription starts as those can start immediately.
  • The recurring membership will go on indefinitely by default unless a shorter number of occurrences is specified in setup and is scheduled one interval at a time.
  • Each recurrence of the membership adds time to the membership access period. For example, if it's a monthly membership, each payment adds a month before the membership expires.
  • If the credit card payment is declined once, the subscription will be closed and the recurring payments will stop. This will also expire the membership. If this happens, a new membership will need to be purchased if the member wishes to continue.
  • The member should update their credit card information from their public account when necessary so payments are not declined.


You can use the Payment Subscription report to see if there are any credit cards being used in recurring payments that are have expired or are about to expire. It is important to check this report regularly so you can inform customers if their credit card is about to expire so they can update it before a failure occurs. To see this report, go to Reports > Financial Reports > Other Reports > Payment Subscription Report.

Additionally, there is also a Subscription Report under the Reports section in the same Financial Reports area. This is used to make sure that the subscriptions in the system match those in and detect any payments we expected to come in that haven't. If you see mismatches in this area, give our client services team a call.


Account Updater

We strongly recommend turning on the Account Updater feature in your account. It is supported by the system and reaches out to Visa and Mastercard to keep credit cards up-to-date so you don't have to worry about them expiring. We do not recommend the use of Auto-Retry, which is not supported in our system.

Within Accounts

In the Overview or Registrations tab of an account, you can click into a subscription for the purposes of cancelling it, seeing the payments that have occurred so far, checking the subscription's status with, or updating the credit card. Please note that updating the credit card does not make a payment and making a manual payment does not update the card for future payments. However, your customers can update their credit card from their public side accounts to help avoid expired card declines. They cannot cancel or make payments on their subscriptions from there. 

Additionally, you may also choose to Update Fees when viewing an invoice containing a subscription in the account's Finance tab. This allows you to change the start date of the payment schedule as well as the number of recurrences if done before the recurrences start. You can also change the fee value of each recurrence at any time during the subscription's run.