Advanced Activity Pricing Options

Last Update: August 20th, 2021

 A Pricing option or Pricing Matrix on an Advanced Activity allows for the registration of part of the full date range at fees specific to that portion.

Single Day represents the ability to purchase one date at a time without a pattern.

Daily per Week allows a registrant to select a pattern of days over any number of weeks and pay based on the number of days.

Daily per Month is similar to Daily per Week except selections are on a monthly basis.

Weekly allows registrants to select any number of weeks and pay by the week. This can be in a pattern of selected days of the week based on their choosing.

Multi Days is similar to Weeky except you choose what the pattern of days of the week is (ex. MWF),

Monthly is like Weekly except selections are done on a monthly basis.

Entire Session allows for the purchase of all of the dates or a significant portion based on a range you set (ex. one for first half and one for second half).