Advanced Activity Pricing Options

Last Update: June 15th, 2023

A Pricing option or Pricing Matrix on an Advanced Activity allows for the registration of part of the full date range at fees specific to that portion.

  • Single Day - represents the ability to purchase one date at a time without a pattern
  • Daily per Week -  allows a registrant to select a pattern of days over any number of weeks and pay based on the number of days
  • Daily per Month -  is similar to Daily per Week except selections are on a monthly basis
  • Weekly -  allows registrants to select any number of weeks and pay by the week. This can be in a pattern of selected days of the week based on their choosing
  • Multi Days -  is similar to Weeky except you choose what the pattern of days of the week is (ex. MWF)
  • Monthly -  is like Weekly except selections are done on a monthly basis
  • Entire Session -  allows for the purchase of all of the dates or a significant portion based on a range you set (ex. one for first half and one for second half)