Program Creation

Last Update: August 18th, 2021

In the system programs are the container for activities. Activities are the items that the customers register into.

The program title, description, photo, and notes detail the activities beneath it. The activities, contains specifics on who it is for, such as ages and grades, and residency, the when, including the dates, times, and location, as well as and the how. How much is it and how many seats are available.

Creating a Program

On the management side of the system, go to the Programs tab, and click Add New Programs.

  1. Name your program, and provide a brief description. 
  2. At this point, you can use Upload Image to add a photo into the description, or you can choose to use the photo pool, choose a photo by uploading your own or choose from the stock photos.
  3. Next there are settings on the program level that affect the activities within the program.
  4. One of those settings, is to show seat counts. If this is selected, it allows the real time seat count on all the activities within the program to be viewed on the public side.
  5. If you want this entire program to be hidden from the public side, including all of its activities, check the Hide From Public box. If you choose to Allow Direct Links, select this when the Hide From Public is also checked. This enables the public to still access the program, but through a direct link that you provide. 
  6. Checking Use Program Subheadings, allows for a brief description for a group of activities. An example of a use for this may be a swimming program since where the description is for the overall program, but the subheadings describe the different swim levels in the activity groups.
  7. The setting for maximum activities, allows us to limit a registrant to only register for a set number of activities in this program.
  8. Utilize coordinator name and coordinator phone number to identify the staff member responsible for the coordination of this program
  9. Program type selection refers to whether the activities in this programwill be standard, team sport, or advanced activities. Once the selection is made an activity is created, it cannot be changed. 
    • A standard activity is the default selection is the most commonly used.
    • Team sport is used for activities like soccer or basketball, where a team schedule will be present. This includes the ability to create a round robin game schedule, track scores and standings. It can also be used where dates are vague because of the ability to set soft dates as a schedule. 
    • Advanced activities allows the public to select days, weeks, or months, as registration and or pricing options for programs such as after school or camp, which could result in a different roster each day. 
  10. Add to staff notes for information that needs to be referenced by staff. These notes are only visible on the program view page. 
  11. Click Next to complete program creation.

Additional program details can be added and shown on the public side by adding program notes, click Add New New Notes. Give it a title, add text and submit.

Additionally forms and links can also be added to provide the customer with a downloadable form or a link to additional information.

 With the program now created, you're able to add activities, please consult the help or video guides on activity creation.