Creating a Management Side Reservation Request

Last Update: August 13th, 2021

A Management Side Reservation Request can be used by departments to create a reservation request on behalf of a member, instead of them using the public site. The difference between a Management Side Reservation Request and a Management Side Reservation is that the request must be approved before the reservation is booked, instead of immediately being booked like it would be for a Management Side reservation.

To Enable Reservation Request

A staff member must turn a setting on in the advanced settings for facility options. Please ask a representative to turn this feature on for you.

The facility or facility area must be set to allow Staff Reservation Requests. This can be done in a new facility or by editing Rental Info on an existing facility. 

To create a Management Side Reservation Request

  1. Click Accounts in the lefthand navigation, View or Search Accounts to locate the account, then name of the member that will be making a reservation
  2. In left navigation bar, under Account info, click Add Reservations Requests. 
  3. On the Facility Reservation Request form, select a facility in the dropdown.
  4. If you wish to see availability information, you can click View Calendar to see the calendar, select the location. Then you can click on the calendar to select date and time for reservations without blocks, and date for reservations with blocks Or select the View Availability link and select date of interest. Select a block of time to populate the schedule. 
  5. After the facility is selected, the information to be input will depend on if there is a rental restriction. A rental restriction means that the facility uses either flexible or set block scheduling so that the facility can only be reserved in blocks of time.
  6. First, enter the Start date, and the appropriate information for start and end times, then follow the next steps based on any rental restrictions.If there are no blocks, any time period within the facilities operating hours can be selected just by filling in the start and end time fields.
  7. If there are flexible blocks, this will be indicated on the form by a message stating Requests must be made in blocks of (#) hrs. (#) being the number of hours set in the rental restrictions. Enter the start and end times with the appropriate amounts of time. You can enter more than one block if necessary. (ex. If the block is 2 hours, you can enter a block of time that is 4 or 6 hours, just enter start and end times accordingly).
  8. If the facility has set blocks, the blocks of time will appear on form, check off which block you wish to schedule. You can schedule more than one block if necessary by checking off the appropriate blocks.
  9. If you are scheduling recurring dates, check Recurring, enter end date, and check days of week. Click next.
  10. The selected dates will be verified. If there are any conflicts it will be indicated here. You can also add more dates by clicking Add Additional Dates. You can remove dates by clicking the checkbox next to the location, and clicking remove selected.
  11. Enter contact information. The required information including purpose of reservation is denoted with an asterisk (*), Click Submit to enter the reservation request.
  12. If you wish to hold the dates and approve the reservation request, there will be a link to the request Process Reservation request. If you wish to do this at a later time, it will be listed on the main page under Needs Attention Facility Requests.