Facility Renter Types

Last Update: July 17th, 2023

Facility Renter Types can be created to assign different rates to a facility within the fee matrix. These fees are then prefilled as the renter type is selected on the renter at the time of reservation.

To Create a Facility Renter Type

  1. Navigate to the Facilities tab
  2. Click the Facility Renter Types link
  3. Click the Add New Facility Renter Type link
  4. Name the Renter Type 
  5. Click Submit

To use the Renter Type that was just created, start a new reservation, and select the Renter Type from the drop down box then click Next.

Apply a Facility Renter Type Fee Matrix

  1. Navigate to the Facilities tab 
  2. Select View/Search Facilities
  3. Click the facility you wish to add the fees
    1. If it is a Facility Area click that tab and the area you wish to effect
  4. Click the Rental Fees tab 
  5. Click Add/Edit this Fee Matrix
  6. Enter the fees and click submit