Musco Calendar Export

Last Update: August 13th, 2021

Export your facility calendar to the Musco Lighting software which controls lighting automatically through a schedule. You must have your Musco Control-Link software account and facility information, including Musco Facility IDs and Field IDs, and username/password, which is different than your usual username/password. After receiving this information from Musco, have them turn on the ability to receive data from us. 

Note: If lighting is needed in the daytime, please let Musco know that there is a setting that they will need to update.


In order to enable the Musco Calendar Export, please contact customer service. You will need to give them your department’s Musco username and password. 

On the Management side go to Facilities tab in lefthand navigation then View/Search Facilities.
On the Facility Management page click Edit Musco ID’s. A list of facilities and areas will appear to enter the Musco Facility ID and Musco Field ID in the appropriate text box.

Note: ID for a facility area, Enter the Musco Field ID that you obtained from Musco for that area.

If you want to schedule an entire facility in Musco, you must also provide the Musco Field the entire facility. If not scheduling the entire facility, leave this blank. If you are scheduling

When you are done entering the Musco Facility ID and Musco Field IDs, click Update. Musco Facility ID and Musco Field IDs can also be added or edited on the Facility Management page for a specific Facility or Area. Click Edit Location and enter the appropriate data.

Sending Schedule to Musco

  1. Go to the management Calendar. Then click Print Calendar List.
  2. If not using the defaults, select the Location and/or start and end dates.
  3. On the list, you will see a checkbox in front of any entry in the schedule that has a Musco Facility ID and Musco Field ID that is available to schedule to Musco.
  4. Check any items that you wish to send or Select All Dates. This will only select dates that have the Musco information. If there was a previously sent schedule, any unchecked items will be removed, so any items you wish to remain on the schedule should be checked. (Note: The default for scheduled items must be within non-daylight hours, the Musco schedule will not accept the item if it is in daylight hours, and it will not stay checked in our system.) Reminder: contact Musco to change a setting to allow lighting during daylight hours.
  5. After making selections, click Send Schedule to Musco.
Once you send the initial schedule for the selected time period, if you go back into the Calendar list any items that were already sent will be checked. If you wish to make changes to send to Musco, check or uncheck applicable boxes, and send the schedule again.