Facility Types

Last Update: July 17th, 2023

Facility types provide the ability to further define the usage or purpose of a facility. Once created, facility types are assigned to a facility or the area(s) defined within a facility. A few facility type examples are: pavilions, fields, picnic areas, meeting rooms, and assembly areas.


The Community Center is a venue comprised of three facilities, each used for unique purposes: the Gymnasium, small meeting rooms and a large multi-purpose Community Room. Creating a facility type for each identifies the purpose of the facility and is used as a filtering tool when searching facility availability.

 Create a Facility Type

  1. Navigate to the Facilities tab in lefthand navigation 
  2. Click Facility Type link 
  3. Click Add New Facility Type at the top of this page
  4. Enter the facility type name (Gyms, for this example) and click Submit

Apply the Facility Type to the Facility or Area

  1. Navigate to the Facilities tab 
  2. Click View/Search Facilities 
  3. Click the facility that you want to apply the type to or contains the area
    1. In the example, Gymnasium is a facility area 
  4. Click Edit Location 
  5. Click View/Edit Facility Types 
  6. Select the Facility Type that was just created and click Submit

View the Facilities by Type

  1. Navigate to the Home Screen and click the Calendar icon at the top of the page 
  2. Change the Search by: radio dial to Location Types 
  3. Select the Location Type you would like to view and click Search 
  4. Now, all the bookings for those facilities with that type assigned can be viewed at the same time