Cancellation Fee After Cancellation

Last Update: September 13th, 2021

When performing a cancellation, the system will ask how much money you'd like to hold as a cancellation fee, if any. Entering the amount you'd like to keep lessens the amount of money returned to your customer. If you've missed this step or if you previously entered a cancellation fee you’d like to change, you can still add the proper fee using the following steps.

Adding a Fee

  1. Log into an account.
  2. Click the Finance tab of the account.
  3. Click View/Edit on the cancellation invoice you'd like to affect.page1image539783600
  4. Click View/Edit on the transaction number next to the refund or account credit.page1image539783904
  5. Click Edit Payment Information.page1image539784336
  6. Change the refund or credit to the amount you meant to refund (must be a negative number!) and click Update.
  7. Edit the fee disbursements by entering the new amount in the Disbursed field (the amount must be negative).
  8. Click the invoice number on the left to return to the invoice.
  9. Click Adjust next to the cancelled item.
  10. Add an adjustment for the amount you meant to keep (type: additional fee, reason: Cancellation Fee)
  11. Submit your adjustment to complete issuing a cancelation fee.page2image621941328