Account Questions

Last Update: October 22nd, 2021

View Questions

By clicking on the Questions link under the Accounts tab, member questions can be viewed, edited or added. These questions apply to when an account or new account member is created.

Adding a Question

  1. To add a question click Add New Question.
  2. Insert text in the Question box.
  3. Column Name is needed to show the answers on reporting and exports.
  4. Select whether the answers will be multiple choice or text entry. For multiple choice, click yes and input the answers you want the public to be able to select from on the next page. If no, then the user can type in any answer.
  5. Select whether the question will be Required. If yes, every new account member will have to answer the question.
  6. Status is whether or not the question is in current use.
  7. Targeted Account Questions can be set for specific age, grade, account type, gender and facility renter type. The question will only appear for those with that specific criteria.
  8. Click Submit.