How to Apply a Custom Form

Last Update: March 29th, 2023

Memberships & Activities

  1. From your management portal go to the membership or activity that you wish to apply the form
    • A form can be applied to as many memberships or activities as needed
  2. Go to the Requirements tab
  3. Click Add/Edit Forms
  4. Click the checkbox next to the form to include it
  5. Then click Update
  6. This form will now appear to each new participant who hasn’t completed it within the active date range
    • Once the form has been completed by a participant it will not be required to be filled out again for anything until the expiration date has passed

Open Form

  1. Go to the form by clicking Custom Forms under the Programs or Memberships tab in left hand navigation, or from the Quick Utilities box on the Home screen
  2. Click Edit next to the form name
  3. Click Copy Link at the end of the link box and paste into an email or email blast
    • Customers will be brought to the form via an account login or creation to fill out the form


  1. Go to the customer account from the management side or direct the customer to go to their member detail within their account from the public portal
  2. Select the member for which the form is meant
  3. Scroll down to and select Add Custom Form
  4. Select the form from the dropdown menu and complete