Custom Form Reporting

Last Update: November 9th, 2022

  • Form Reporting

    Memberships & Activities:

    Completed forms can be viewed from the Membership or Activity list on those that it is applied to.

    Clicking the Custom Form icon will show the completed forms for each individual that is registered for that activity or membership. This list of forms can then be printed.


    Completed forms can also be found on the member within an account.

    Click on the form name to show/print the completed form.

    Custom Form List:

    Go to the Custom Form Builder list via Custom Form link under Programs/Memberships tab or Quick Utilities to view a list of custom forms.

    Click the icon at the end of form list view. This will bring you to the Custom Form report.

    This report lists the completed forms within the date range for the specified form regardless of the application of the form. Filter by Expire Date or Date Created.

    This report can also be accessed via the Reports Tab, Account Reports link, “View Custom Forms.”