Guide for Coaches/Instructors

Last Update: May 18th, 2022

Accessing Coach/Instructor Materials

Pull up your recreation department's website.

Hover over the word Account in the main menu. Click Account Login to log in. If you do not have an account yet, click Create Account and complete the required information.

To access coach or instructor materials, you must log in with your own individual credentials. Using a username and password for another person in the account will not show the Rosters icon.

After logging in or creating your account, you will be brought to the Account Overview page. You should see a soccer ball icon in the center of the icon menu, labeled Rosters. Click the icon.


Don't see the Rosters icon?

  • Make sure you logged in using your own username and password. Using another household member's login not show the Rosters icon.
  • If your login is correct, get in touch with department staff to make sure you have been assigned to an activity.

Rosters for Coaches & Instructors

The Rosters icon brings you to a page that shows all of the activities and/or team sports you are assigned to. Please note that each recreation department shares different information with their coaches, so you may not have access to all of the items listed below. (Please note: mobile device viewing will not have the soccer ball icon. Please use the Utilities menu to find your rosters instead.)

Each activity or team will show a list containing any of the following links.

  • View Roster: Provides all player information with filtering abilities across the top of the page. It is ideal for carrying to games along with Emergency Cards.
  • View Digital Sign In/Out Sheet: Used to record when attendees arrive and leave. Simply tap to note the date and time. Records for past attendance sheets are also available.
  • View Custom Disclaimers: Displays signed disclaimers, if applicable.
  • View Dynamic/Custom Forms: Displays form responses, if applicable.
  • Export Roster: Exports roster information to a spreadsheet file.
  • View Attendance/Sign In Sheet: Displays basic information along with multiple attendance boxes, as well as several other boxes. Must be printed out to use.
  • Email Roster: Displays a list of player email addresses. This can be copied and pasted into the Recipients field in any email message.
    • For best results, send the same email to a few players at a time.
    • For email privacy, place your own email address in the To field and the player addresses in the "BCC" field.
  • Text Message Roster: Displays a list of player mobile phone numbers. This can be copied and pasted into the Recipients field in any email message. Keep your message to less than 160 characters.
    • Place your email address in the “To” field and the player addresses in the “BCC” field. If you do not see this field, ask for assistance.
    • Keep your text content under 160 characters.
  • Manage Teams and Team Rosters: Allows the head coach of a sport to create teams, and assign coaches and players to those specific teams.

Creating and Managing Teams

If you have been assigned as the head coach of an activity (staff: on the Basic Info tab), you have the ability to create teams, and assign coaches and players.

  • To Create Team: In the center of the screen click on “Add New Team/Group” then give the team a name and hit submit.
  • To Assign Coach to Team: Click on ”Coaches/Instructor” link under the team to be assigned. On the right click on “Add Coach/Instructor” and check the box of the coach to be assigned and hit submit (Note: if the coach does not appear, then the coach has not been assigned as a coach by the athletic director).
  • To Assign Registrants to Teams: Click on “Members” under the team to be assigned. Check the boxes of the students being assigned that team and click submit. You can assign the same student to two teams if applicable.
  • Add/Edit Scores: Allows you to add team scores by clicking “Add New Team Scores” and selecting the game date, teams, scores, and notes if applicable.

Note: Team coaches will not be able to view a roster until the teams are established and entered into the system by the office or the activity-level coach. Team coaches will also not be able to Add/Edit Scores. That is an activity-level coach feature.