Public Reservations

Last Update: July 17th, 2023

To Enable Public Reservations

A staff member must turn a setting on in the advanced settings for facility options. Please ask a representative to turn this feature on for you.


In order for public reservations to occur

  • Management side Reservation Settings that must be activated 
  • The facility or facility area must be set to allow public reservation
    • This can be done in a new facility or existing facility 
    • The Facility's Rental Availability must be set as well as its Rental Fees
      • Set Blocks, which will be a set schedule with a fee by hour or by day or a fee matrix, which sets the hourly fees for each day of the week can be used for public reservations

Public Reservation Instructions

  1. In your public site, log in with a household or organizational account
  2. After logging in, go to Facilities navigation and select either the Reservation link 
    1. Then Start Online Reservation if your department also allows the choice of public reservation requests or the Facility List from which you can select Reserve button next to eligible facility
  3. Next select the location for the reservation from the dropdown
    1. If started reservation from facility then location will be populated
    2. To see availability of the facility, you can click View Calendar or View Availability if necessary
      1. Any facilities that are available for public reservations will be listed in the dropdown
  4. After selecting the location, you will schedule the dates
    1. The scheduling for the reservation is determined in settings for the facility
      • Enter the Start Date
        • If the reservation is for recurring dates, check Recurring and enter the end date and day/days of the week for the recurring reservation
        • Click Save Dates button
      • For block scheduling – If the facility is set for block scheduling, the blocks will appear after selecting your location
        • Check off the desired block(s)
        • The fee and days available will also appear
        • Click Save Dates button

Note: If there is a conflict with dates, you will get a warning message not all your dates are available. If this happens, you can click View Dates to see what days had the conflict. The dates with the conflict will be removed in the next screen.

  1. Enter the purpose for the reservation, such as the name of the event
  2. Enter the head count, if required
  3. Click Continue
  4. In the next screen, you can review the reservation, including the fees and schedule
    1. If necessary, you can add or edit dates to your reservation or add a different reservation.
  5. When finished click Continue to Checkout
  6. Next, the item will be in the shopping cart
    1. Read and agree to a disclaimer by checking the box to continue checking out
    2. Click Check Out when finished
  7. On Checkout Method Page select Check Out Online
  8. The next screen will have the amount owed and allow you to select Pay In Full or Pay Deposit, if deposits are allowed for the facility
    1. This will be the down payment for the reservation
      1. You can pay more than what the recommended deposit is
    2. Make your selection, and click continue
  9. The invoice total will be listed, including any deposits or down payments
  10. Click Continue to Credit Card Form (could also be online check if you have them as an option)
  11. Fill out credit card information and click Submit
  12. Once the payment is complete, you will receive a receipt
  13. You can view the permit in the household’s Account Overview Reservations section