Text Blasts

Last Update: September 14th, 2021



Before sending a text blast, accounts must have the Mobile Notification section filled in for the members for the text blast to send. To check this setting, navigate to the account and select the member. Scroll to the bottom of the Member Info screen and click the Add New Mobile Notification link.

  1. To create a new text blast, click the Text Blasts link under the Administration tab in the lefthand navigation.
  2. From the Text Blast Home Screen, sent texts can be viewed as well as the recipients of the text. Text blasts can also be edited, re-sent or deleted.
  3. Click Send New Text Blast link in the right corner.
  4. Text blasts can be sent to customers by filtering by account, activity or membership.
    • Text blasts by account allows filtering by Account Type (Household / Organization), ages of the account members and by grades of the account members.
    • Text blasts by activity allows filtering by those enrolled in a specific activity.
    • Text blasts by membership allows filtering by those enrolled in a specific membership and/or expiry date.
  5. Once the recipients have been selected the message will need to be created. Then click continue.page1image3008996784
  6. The next screen provides a chance to review, edit or send the text message.