System Settings

Last Update: September 13th, 2021

Under the Administration tab is the Settings link. Here, settings that affect the site are created or modified. Some settings are not available for departments to change. Change requests can be submitted to staff for execution. 

Department Info Settings

The Department Information settings will have been setup when your site was created. This contains address and contact information for the Department and largely will remain static information. 

Note: Department contact information is pulled from this location to show in several locations including, public site Contact Page, public site footer, receipt headers and email blast headers.

Settings under the Department Information tab are:  

  • Calendar Password: Set a password that when entered on the public site calendar shows the management side calendar in Read Access only. 
  • Protected Account Notes Password: Password for accessing protected account notes on any account from management site.
  • Small Receipt Logo: Upload logo that will print on small receipts from POS.
  • Check Out Content: This is the text that the public sees upon checkout. 
    • Payment Choice Page Text: Instructional text that appears to the public when both Online check out and Pre-Registration Form is an option.
    • Pre-Registration Form Instructions: Instructional text that appears to the public when the Pre-Registration Form option is used online. Should tell the user how to complete their registration.
  • Default Invoice Text: Text that will appear on every invoice.
  • Move from Waitlist Email Message: Text box for custom message on the auto email generated when a registrant is moved from the waitlist into an activity.
  • Facility List Text: Appears on the public side Facility List if entered in this text box. This could be used to give more information about your facilities to the public. If this is not needed leave text box blank. 
  • Additional Contact Info: This can be used to add additional information to the Contact Info page. 
  • Hours of Operation: Allows you to list the hours that your office is open.


Account Settings

Under the Administration tab-->Settings link--> Account Settings tab, you will find settings that apply to household and organizational accounts.  

Resident Status options for account creation are set here.  

  • Everyone is automatically a Non-Resident: Upon account creation all accounts are marked as non-residents.
  • Everyone is automatically a Resident: Upon account creation all accounts are marked as residents.   
  • Everyone MUST choose status of Resident or Non Resident: Ask the question are you a resident of XYZ city, state or no during account creation. Customer can answer either way which marks the residency.
  • Use Residency Areas for Resident or Non Resident status: Upon account creation member will be given the option of selecting between two residency options. Wording is set in the Manage Residency Areas text box.  
  • Use Residency Address Lookup (requires staff activation) to compare residency status to a list uploaded under Upload.  A template (under the Upload Residency Addresses link) is provided to input all the resident addresses in your municipality (usually obtained from assessor or your GIS). This is uploaded into the system and when customers input address it checks against the upload. If the address exists in the upload, then it marks them as a resident. You should download the Residency Address Template and make sure your file matches the information in the template.
  • Use Determine residency by billing zip code to determine residency based on list of zip codes listed under Manage Zip Codes. Upon account creation status is checked against the list based on entered account zip code.
  • Medical Info Description is the description for the medical info box on member creation. 
  • Account Access refers to control over account information after creation.  
    • Full Access: public can open a My Household account and add/edit all of their household info.   
    • Lock only: resident status and birthdates (public can open a My Household account but once established cannot change resident status or birthdates.) 
    • Lock all: entries except allergies and emergency contact information (public can open a My Household account but once established can only edit allergies and emergency contact info.) Lock all: the public cannot open a household account or make any changes to their account. 
  • Lock new accounts until approved: Accounts can be created by the public but cannot make transactions until management side has approved their account.  
  • Lock new members until approved: Applies to when a new member is created inside an account on the public side. Cannot make any transactions until management side has approved the new account member.  
  • Lock medical field: After initial entry, the medical field cannot be altered by the public side.  
  • Allow member discounts: Allows the ability to apply a discount to an individual member that applies to all their transactions. Is useful for applying employee discounts, senior or veteran discounts that apply to all transactions for that member.   
  • Show Admin notes popup: This function will make any administrative account note pop-up on the management side upon entry into the account. User will have to click out of the pop-up to proceed. 
  • Require Grade for ages _ to _: Toggling this option requires that grades are inputted for members between the ages entered. 
  • Auto Show Accounts & Members on Search/Account & Members Pages: Toggling this option makes accounts and members load when you click on their corresponding links. Turning this option off is recommended for clients with very slow internet connections. 
  • Show Team Info Icons in Accounts: This allows households to access team info directly from their accounts. 
  • Public Account Creation Text: An area to enter additional text explaining/welcoming new members during the account creation process. 
  • Public Account Creation Confirmation Text: An area to enter text that shows on account overview page immediately after account creation.
  • Public Account Overview Text: An area to add text to the public side account overview page. 
  • Public Member List Text: An area to add text to the public side account members list page.
  • Grade Roll Up Date: All grades will change up to next on this date.  
  • Advance from PK to K _ y/o on/before __ / ___: Choose age and date to advance PK graded children to K.
  • Max Global Account Balance: This will restrict anyone who has that amount of money owed on account from enrolling or reserving until the balance is paid.  
  • Account Creation Disclaimer: Checking this box will require accounts created on the public side to agree to the disclaimer in order to proceed. 
  • Minimal Scan Info: If checked, a membership scan will not show the birthdate, phone number, and address in the Member Info. 
  • Show Balance On Scan: When a membership is scanned the system will display the account balance associated with that member.  
  • Require Digital Sign in / out Notes: When using the Digital Sign In/Out Sheet, the sign in notes field will appear as open. 
  • Require Mark as Absent Notes: When using the Digital  Sign In / Out Sheet and registrant is marked as absent will required notes to be inputted.
  • Show Creator on Receipts: Checking this box will record who created a receipt, whether it be a household or a management user. 
  • Add Required Documents: If you have additional forms that must be completed at the time of registration they are added here so they are available to be applied to activities. 


Reservation Settings

  • Public Reservation Budget Group: Set global budget group for all public reservations / security deposits.
  • Default BufferBlocks off this amount of time before and after reservations by default.
  • Use Facility Budget Group on Public ReservationWill restrict public reservations to one facility at a time.
  • Security Deposit: Security deposit will apply a percentage-based deposit to public reservations. Min and Max Deposit are fixed dollar amounts and can be set the same so all public reservations have the same deposit amount. Min and Max Deposit settings take precedence over Security Deposit settings.
  • Down Payment: Set a minimum amount to be paid at time of purchase.
  • Auto-Email Permit: When checked auto-emails permit to renter upon permit creation with the exception of when making a reservation in the management area and checking the box for Hide Permit From Public Until Paid, permit will not be emailed.
  • Allow Reservation Change Request: When checked allows the renter to request a reservation date cancel or change via their public account. Reservation change requests appear in the Homepage Needs Attention box on your management dashboard.
  • Min / Max Days for Reservation Start  / End: Set date restrictions for public reservations from the minimum days from the start of a reservation to the maximum days out. This can also be applied to public reservation requests.
  • Last Date for ReservationSet a date for which the last reservation can be made via public reservations. This is will need to be updated each year.
  • Reservation/Request Description: Add additional text to the choice page for public reservation or public request.
  • Permit Prefix: Permit numbers can be generated with a custom prefix.
  • Skip Dates/Fees Review: You can toggle on/off whether you want to see these review screens during the reservation process.
  • Global Permit Notes: Text that applies to all permits goes here.
  • Reservation Invoice Notes: Text that applies to all reservation receipts is entered here.