Reservation Settings

Last Update: August 11th, 2021

  • Public Reservation Budget Group: Set global budget group for all public reservations / security deposits.
  • Default BufferBlocks off this amount of time before and after reservations by default.
  • Use Facility Budget Group on Public ReservationWill restrict public reservations to one facility at a time.
  • Security Deposit: Security deposit will apply a percentage-based deposit to public reservations. Min and Max Deposit are fixed dollar amounts and can be set the same so all public reservations have the same deposit amount. Min and Max Deposit settings take precedence over Security Deposit settings.
  • Down Payment: Set a minimum amount to be paid at time of purchase.
  • Auto-Email Permit: When checked auto-emails permit to renter upon permit creation with the exception of when making a reservation in the management area and checking the box for Hide Permit From Public Until Paid, permit will not be emailed.
  • Allow Reservation Change Request: When checked allows the renter to request a reservation date cancel or change via their public account. Reservation change requests appear in the Homepage Needs Attention box on your management dashboard.
  • Min / Max Days for Reservation Start  / End: Set date restrictions for public reservations from the minimum days from the start of a reservation to the maximum days out. This can also be applied to public reservation requests.
  • Last Date for ReservationSet a date for which the last reservation can be made via public reservations. This is will need to be updated each year.
  • Reservation/Request Description: Add additional text to the choice page for public reservation or public request.
  • Permit Prefix: Permit numbers can be generated with a custom prefix.
  • Skip Dates/Fees Review: You can toggle on/off whether you want to see these review screens during the reservation process.
  • Global Permit Notes: Text that applies to all permits goes here.
  • Reservation Invoice Notes: Text that applies to all reservation receipts is entered here.