Email Blasts Using Constant Contact

Last Update: September 14th, 2021 offers a sync with Constant Contact so most types of email blasts can be sent through Constant Contact* to take advantage of their scheduling, templates, and opens tracking features. This is initiated in your site, where you can select the criteria to send the email blast. Then the recipient list will be sent to your Constant Contact account where you can compose your email.

*If you do not have an account, This will give you a 60 day free trial with a limit of 100 emails. Sign up for a package to take advantage of more features and larger lists. Our partnership grants a discount of 25% on yearly or 10% on monthly contracts.

  1. Go to Administration tab > Email Blasts > Send New Email Blasts
  2. In Send New Email Blasts, click the type of email blast and a popup will appear with a choice. Note: Balance Due by Account & Balance Due by Activity email blasts cannot be sent via Constant Contact as the system needs to populate balances into the email body.
  3. On the popup, if you have an account, click Constant Contact (otherwise click Sign Up Here!)
  4. You land on the login page of Constant Contact if you are not logged in. Enter your Constant Contact username and password, and click Login. If already logged in, you will skip this step.
  5. After being returned to the system, select your criteria for the email blast as you normally would. When done, click Continue.
  6. Enter the Opt-In type (either Cancellations or General). Click Continue.
  7. You will then be directed to Constant Contact, where you can create an email blast by clicking Create > Email > select template > compose message > Continue > select list based on type of blast and date in the name of the list > Schedule
    Note: On your first visit, follow the instructions in the middle of the Constant Contact page to complete your account setup as needed before you click Create.
  8. After sending, you can view your recipient list either in your Constant Contact account or within the system. For the latter, go to Administration > Email Blasts. Any email blasts sent through Constant Contact will have a subject of Constant Contact Email. You can click on the Recipients or Non-Recipients links to view the list that was uploaded to Constant Contact. The content of these emails can be viewed within Constant Contact.

Note: You can view recipients first or start emails in Constant Contact & use previous recipient lists that contain contacts. This is under Contacts > Email Lists. Select a list after reviewing its type of email blast & date. The maximum number of lists is 1000. Lists can be removed, but there should be one left.