Basic Email Blast

Last Update: September 14th, 2021

The purpose of email blasts is to send an email targeted to specified account members. You can also upload images or documents to the email blast. 

Decision Tree
What kind of user account do you have?
  • Administrator Level Access
  • Manager or Standard User
  • Don't see the link in either local?
  • Add Button
If you have an administrator account in, go to Administration tab in the left hand navigation then Email Blasts.
If you have a Manager or Standard User level account, go to Misc Tab in the left hand navigation then Email Blasts.
If you do not see this setting, please check your account in Administration tab in the lefthand navigation go to Manage Users if you are an administrator level or have an administrator do so if you are not.

Note: You might see a list of previously email blasts, you can view, edit, or resend these if necessary.


What's a Global Recipient?

Before creating a new email blast, you can add Additional Global Recipients, which is an email address that all email blasts could be sent to. This might be useful if you have a staff member that needs to receive the email blasts. To do this, click on Add Global Recipient, then Add Recipients, add the name and email address, and submit.

Send a New Email Blast

  1. To send a new email blast, click Send New Email Blast.
  2. In the Send New Email Blast Screen, you can make selections to send the email blasts in the following using the following criteria.
    • By Account: allows you to send to all accounts or to choose members based on age, birth month, grade, resident status or gender.
    • By Activity: allows you to send an email to a specific activity. Choose from Status of registered, cancelled or transferred registrants for filtering as well as Residency Status.
    • By Date Range: allows you to send an email to members registered for activities within a specified date range.
    • By Membership: allows you to send for members of a specific membership by searching for the membership.
    • Coach/Instructors By Activity: Send to coach/instructor of selected programs or activities.
    • By Advanced Activity: Search for advanced activities between certain dates.
    • Balance Due By Account: This will send an email to accounts that have a balance due.
    • Balance due by Activity: This allows you to send an email to a specific activity to the registrants who have balances due.
    • Balance Due By Reservation: allows you to send an email to permit holders who have balances due by reservation date range.
    • By Waiting List: Send to registrants on a waiting list for a specific activity.
    • By Reservations: Send to permit holders for reservations within specific date range.
    • By Products Purchased: Send email blast to those account members that have purchased a certain product within a date range. 
    • By Offline Reg Forms: Search for those with offline Pre-registration forms for activities that are between certain dates.
  3. Once the email blast type has been selected, for all blasts except for Balance Due blasts, a email service must be chosen. Select Basic Service for email sending through the system. See this article more information about sending email blasts via Constant Contact.
  4. Next search on the criteria for that specific email blast.
  5. Then in the Send New Email Blast screen fill out the following fields: Subject, Opt In Type (Cancellation notifications or General) and the Message Body.
  6. Optional Reply-to Email Address is for recipient of replies for this specific email blast. System email  Reply to will continue to receive these as well.
  7. Choose File for Photo Upload if desired. This is for image files to be included in the email blast. Click, select photo from your computer, and then click Upload to attach an image to the Email Blast.
  8. Choose File for Document Upload, if desired. This is for documents to be included in the email blast. Click, select file from your computer, and then click Upload to attach a document to the Email Blast.
  9. Click Add Recipients to add additional recipients to this email blast.
  10. In the next screen, you will view a sample email that is to be sent. Review email. You can check the criteria, view recipients, and view the message body. You can click on any links to see if they work correctly. If you find any problems, click Edit Email Blast and fix the problem before sending.
  11. After checking the email blast, select your Send Type. Scheduled email blasts will start sending at 3:30am EST on the selected date. Standard send type will immediately queue the email blast for delivery.