Needs Attention Menu

Last Update: September 15th, 2021

The Needs Attention menu should be one of the first things you check when logging into the system. This area contains quick links to important items that should be resolved as soon as possible. Click through the sections below for more information on each item.

Pre-Registration Forms

The Pre-Registration Forms link under the Needs Attention Menu on the home page shows a number after it when there are registration forms submitted by the public waiting to be processed. The public chooses this option online to print off the registration form and either bring it in or mail in with payment as opposed to paying online. They are not registered for the activity and it does not hold a spot for them. These registrations will need to be processed on the management side in order to complete the registration and the enrollment. If the registration form is not processed it will disappear within 90 days.

Process or Delete

Once you have clicked on the Pre-Registration Forms link you will see a list of the current forms to process or delete.

Select the invoice you would like to work with by clicking “Process or Delete” next to it.
In order to see all options available to you, click the check box next to “I understand and will complete this process within 24 hours.”

Decision Tree
There are 3 different courses of action that can be taken with this registration form.
  • Add More Items To Cart
  • Pay Invoice
  • Delete Invoice
  • Add Button
If you want to add more items to this registration or only want to process part of this invoice you will use the button “Place Selected Items in Cart.” This allows you to process part of the registration form while leaving the remaining items on the registration form for another time. Once the items are placed in the cart it is processed just as any other registration.
The “Pay Invoice” button is used when you want to complete the entire registration form. Clicking this button will take you directly to the checkout screen.
The “Delete This Invoice” button will effectively delete the registration form.

Invoice Issues

Occasionally, an invoice does not get completed. This could be due to a random event like a power outage during the transaction or something simple like the end user clicking out of their browser before the process was complete. These invoices require management side action, will not rectify themselves. If ignored, they can result in payments not be entered into the system, which will lead to reconciliation problems.

How to Process Invoice Issues

Head to the Invoice Issues link in the Needs Attention area of your management home page to review invoices that need attention. They will be pink in color and not green. Click Review Payment to view the details of the invoice issue.

You will need to check your gateway to see the status of the credit card transaction and find out how to proceed. 



This area will not approve or decline any transactions. It is a place to enter the status the transaction already has.


In-System Reporting for the Gateway

Do you have your (gateway) Reports turned on? If so, you can see Unsettled or Settled Transactions right from the Financial Reports page in the system. If you don’t please contact client services staff for assistance in turning them on.

Once you have determined your course of action, click Approve/Decline.

From here you are given three courses of action for the invoice. Navigate through the tabs below to see each choice and what it means.


Verify in your gateway that the credit card payment was successful and then copy the transaction ID from the payment in your gateway and paste into the box and click Approve Payment.



Verify in your gateway that the credit card payment was declined and then copy the transaction ID and the Transaction Status from the gateway and paste into the appropriate boxes and click Decline Payment.



This means that you were not able to find any information on the credit card payment in the gateway or you voided the payment in the gateway. Click Remove Payment.

After the payment has been removed, you will need to decide what you would like to do with the transaction. You can:

  1. Put items back in the cart.
  2. Gather a payment for the invoice.
  3. Leave a balance on the invoice.
  4. Delete the invoice altogether.