Drop-in / Cash Drops

Last Update: September 15th, 2021

This link is used when money is collected for an activity in quantity rather than individually and can be applied to the activity in one action rather than multiple transactions. 

An example would be a drop-in class where the fee per person is collected at the door then inputted at the end of class as a group or cash drop. 


This is an option that needs to be activated by MyRec staff in order to use on your management site.

Click the “Drop-in / Cash Drops link and start by searching for the activity.

Next you will enter the amount of resident and/or non-resident quantity. Fees will be pre-filled but can be edited here. Click submit once information has been entered.

This will take you to the payment screen. Notice that there is no payer information. This type of payment will not be linked to any account. Process as you would a normal transaction.