Scanning a membership

Last Update: September 14th, 2021

  1. On the management Homepage go to the Quick Utilities box and select Member Check-in. Selecting this option will launch a new tab in your browser. This can also be found under Memberships tab > Membership Card Scan.
  2. If a location has not already been selected, the next screen will display a listing of your department’s facilities. Select the facility correlating with your location. Once selected, the system will store the facility as the assigned location for your computer. You may change the location by selecting the Change Location link. 
  3. Scan the membership card, or manually enter the pass number. If the pass is valid (not expired or suspended), the system will retrieve the member’s information and present the screen below. 
  4. A sound will be emitted confirming the membership scan was successful. 
  5. If the member does not have a membership card, or has not been an issued a number, select the Search Members program. When searching by name, you may enter first name, first name + last name, or just last name. For a complete listing of all members, enter %. 
  6. Select the customer. If the customer has a valid membership, the Member Info will appear. If more than one family member appears, click the member name to select the member. 
  7. Next, click the Membership Scan In link to proceed with validating the membership. If the member does not have access to the facility, the system will emit a different sound and issue a message. Click Allow Access Anyway if you would like override the restriction.