Cart Hold Report - POS

Last Update: June 29th, 2023


The Report is Blank?

The Cart Hold Report will only show details of active cart holds, so if the report is blank, there are no holds in customer carts. Cart holds are typically 24 hours unless the High Demand setting is selected, which reduces the cart hold time to approximately 15 minutes.


This report shows those POS items that are sitting in a shopping cart waiting to be processed. These items are in a held status until processing is complete. To remove them from the cart to free them click the delete link above the account’s order.

  1. Go to the Reports tab of the left-hand navigation and select Point of Sale Reports
  2. Select Cart Hold Report
  3. Click Delete link to remove items from the cart and the account's order

Why is my Waiting List Activated When There Are No Cart Holds?

Once all of the seats have been carted for an activity with a Max Seat Count, the waitlist will begin (if set in the Registrant Settings tab). If those customers with cart holds abandon their carts or cancel their checkout process, the reserved seats will be released. Since the waitlist already started, those seats are unavailable to the general public in order to “hold the place in the line” for the waitlist registrants. Once you move all registrants from the waiting list, any remaining available, uncarted seats will be visible to the public.