Viewing and Editing Invoices

Last Update: September 15th, 2021

Clicking the view/edit link next to an invoice will bring you to the invoice details screen. A record of any transactions that have occurred on the invoice will appear in this area.

  1. Cancellation Invoice - If a yellow bar appears on this invoice, that indicates that this particular item has been canceled. The yellow area shows that information and links back to the cancelation invoice.
  2. Adjust - Allows you to increase or decrease the fee of this item by adding a new adjustment, or removing an existing adjustment.
    • Example: You might use the Adjustment feature to add a late fee. Note that programs and memberships use fee adjustments, which automatically apply certain discounts/fees depending on specific criteria. Visit the Programs area for more info on how to set this up.
  3. Invoice Notes - Note can be added or edited from this area to display on receipts. These notes should be specific to this invoice, rather than an individual payment.
  4. View/Edit Transaction - Click to edit payment information, such as date, payment type, or amount.
  5. Payments Notes - Notes can be added or edited on each payment to display on receipts. These notes are specific to the individual transaction, rather than the entire invoice. 


Invoice Tips

  • If you need to grant a partial refund, it is best to do this as an adjustment on the invoice. If you need to give the customer a full refund (with or without a cancellation fee), it is best to do this by cancelling the registration in the household Registrations tab.
  • If the transaction was made via credit card and your site uses, any adjustment-based refunds will be processed automatically to the customer's card.