Credit Card Storage Security

Last Update: October 7th, 2021

What is credit card storage?

Credit card storage is the ability for customers to store credit cards during public side checkout for use with future purchases and balance payments. If in use then during the checkout process when credit card information is entered, the customer will be asked if they’d like to store that card. On future payments, stored cards will be presented for use and can be identified by name or the last four digits of the card number. A similar feature exists on the management side, but this requires a disclaimer for use.


Compatibility Check

Please note that credit card storage is not compatible with the split fees style of credit card fee collection. It is, however, available for both the and MX Merchant credit card processing gateways.

How does it work?

Ordinarily, when a customer enters credit card information, it is submitted directly to the gateway. This data is not normally stored in any fashion. If a customer chooses to store a card, it is held within their profile at or MX Merchant and not within the system. Our system can use the card for payments by accessing the member profile ID, which is what enabling the CIM (customer information manager) setting in allows, for example. Our system does not read or display the credit card information, other than the last four digits, which are not stored in our system.

How secure is it? and MX Merchant are audited yearly to remain compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Additional information about their PCI compliance and security can be found on their sites. Additionally, credit card information is never displayed in whole form to you our clients, your customers, or staff members.