Create an Account from Management

Last Update: September 15th, 2021

Account Creation Video

  1. Click Accounts in the left hand navigation.
  2. Select Add New Account.
  3. Select an account type and enter the required fields.
    • Account name is usually the household's last name, or the organization's name.
    • Birthdate and gender are always required for households, but they are optional for organizations.
    • The gender field can be customized, if requested. A third gender option can be added using whatever language you choose (ex: Gender Non-Conforming, Prefer not to say, Other) or the gender question can be removed entirely, if requested.
      • Please contact Client Services to change these settings.
    • Email Notifications for Cancellations and General Announcements are opted-in by default. Deselect if the customer does not wish to receive these communications.
    • Facility renter type is used to determine rental pricing if needed (ex: Resident, Non-Resident, Non-Profit, Employee, etc)
  4. After entering information, click Next.
  5. If the message shown below appears on the next screen, verify the address lookup and select Next.
  6. Next, you will be asked to complete the user's contact information. If you had selected Cell as a phone type, you will be asked to select the carrier. There is a checkbox to opt-in to receive text notifications.
    • Check the Add Additional Phone #’s checkbox to add more phone numbers.
    • The Add Additional email checkbox will allow more emails to be added. 
    • Enter Emergency Contactname and phone number.
      • If the Emergency contact name and phone number will be the same for all members in the account, save yourself some time by entering this in the Default Emergency Contact field.
  7. The next page asks for medical information.
    • If the user has no medical information to enter, click the option No Medical Information.
    • If the member has a known medical condition, click the option to Enter Medical Information. Enter any relevant medical information in the textbox that appears. Medical information entered in this box will appear under the registrant's name on rosters.
      • Note: If you entered Medical Information and wish to change it to No Medical Information, changing the selection does not delete the text that was entered previously.
    • Depending on residency settings, you may be asked to confirm if the user is a resident.
    • All new accounts are set with an active status by default.
    • You can indicate if the user is a coach or instructor to give them access to rosters later. This can be changed or modified at any time.
  8. To allow the user to log into the public side to register for programs, reserve a facility, or sign up for a membership, you must enter a username and password for the user.
    • Setting the user's username as their email address makes it easier to remember.
    • You can enter a password manually, or check the box to generate a temporary password. This will prompt the system to email the customer a temporary, randomly generated password, which they can change once they have logged in successfully.
  9. Lastly, depending on your department, there may be account questions to answer for the user. Answer those if they are present.