Suspend a Membership

Last Update: November 1st, 2022

When a membership is suspended, the pass will not be validated when scanning nor manually selecting the customer through the Facility Access Portal. Suspending a Membership will not extend the life of the membership. Therefore, if a member in good standing will not be using the membership for a specified period of time but will resume using the membership after a specified date, Pausing the Membership is recommended. For instance, this feature is appropriate for members who spend long periods out of state during the winter.

To Suspend a Membership

  1. Click the Home Icon on the upper left side of the management screen.
  2. Enter the household name in View/Search Accounts or View/Search Members.
  3. Click the correct Member's Name.
  4. Click the Membership tab at the top.
  5. Click the Details Link next to the membership you wish to suspend.
  6. Select Suspend Membership from the top. 
  7. Enter Ending Date for the suspension in the Suspend Membership until: * field.
  8. Enter a reason for the suspension in the box below.
  9. Click Submit at the bottom.