ADA Compliance Efforts

Last Update: December 13th, 2022

ADA Compliance Efforts

The list below constitutes efforts made by staff on our main site and the public side of all client sites to maintain a specific standard of usability for people of all abilities. Certain editable elements, such as maintenance of color contrast levels and photo captions, require the help of our clients. We are eternally grateful for that assistance.

In particular, we have tried to focus on accessibility for non-sighted, low-sighted, deaf, and mobility-impaired visitors. We welcome any additional suggestions to make site usage easier for all.

Public Side Measures

  1. Skip to Nav and Skip to Content screen reader links added behind the scenes.
  2. Reviewed all public-facing portions of client sites to determine if existing contrast levels met legibility standards of at least a 3.5 contrast level between foreground and background colors. 
  3. Contrast checker and color picker added to Edit Colors management page to assist with color changes for those updating their site’s look responsibly. Staff available for assistance as well.
  4. Added alternative caption text for all default images, including the global photo pool, and added requirement of caption text for all new photo uploads throughout the system.
  5. Offering assistance with updating previously uploaded photos to have captions.
  6. Terms of use updated to describe accessibility efforts along with related liability responsibilities.
  7. Terms of use and privacy policy moved out of a PDF document and onto a page.
  8. Ran the base public side code through an accessibility checker to confirm alerts and warnings have been addressed. This, however, can vary from site to site as content varies. Site Measures

  1. Alt tags added to icon-based social media icons.
  2. Blank navigation link for Features updated to go to overall features list instead of just display features dropdown. 
  3. Contrast in navigation, in home page banner buttons, and on clients list page updated to meet 3.5 level threshold.
  4. Home page slideshow stopped on most important slide with auxiliary content moved to static area for easier access.
  5. Descriptive title tags added to all pages for better identification.
  6. Top level headers added to pages where needed and general assessment of lower level header order completed.
  7. Updates done to terms of use to add ADA compliance portion. Terms of use and privacy policy moved from PDF to web page.
  8. Added form labels where applicable, especially on the contact form, to better identify the information being sought.
  9. Removed underlining on non-links and no-script tags.
  10. Ran the site through an accessibility checker multiple times to confirm all alerts and warnings have been handled.

Further Information/Inquiries

For more information regarding accessibility, WCAG, and/or the Americans With Disabilities Act, please contact Hannah Bearup, Design Specialist at