Quick Tips on System Components

Last Update: December 13th, 2022

These quick tips on some system components will make your life easier!

Program Cloning

Have a lot of activities under a program that you would like to clone for your next season? Go to that program and select the “Clone this Program” link in the upper right-hand corner. 

  • You can create an entire new program or just add to the current program. 
  • Select only the activities you want to clone. Not seeing the Program Clone link? 

Contact MyRec.com and ask to have it activated.

Edit All

Change settings for all activities under a program in one fell swoop. Items such as category, ages, grades, hide/show, registration fees, types and start and end dates are just a few that you can do all at once to save time.

Apply All

You will find this handy “Apply All” button in the “Edit All” activities function. 

  • Make your desired change to the first activity, click apply all and that change will be applied to all the activities listed
  • Don’t forget to click the update button to apply your changes

Apply All (schedules) also shows up when editing activity schedules to apply changes such as time or location to all dates.

Credit Account from Registration Tab in Activity

Have to give an entire activity an account credit for things like snow days or instructor illness? Just go to the registrations tab of the activity and click the link “Issue Account Credit.” You can select all registrants or by individuals to credit their account. Credit will create an adjustment on the original invoice too.

Mailing Labels

Make snail mail publicity easier by using the mailing label function. You can even target participants in a certain program, activity or membership. This little gem is on your view/search accounts link or view/search members link under the Accounts tab in the left-hand navigation.

Activity Email Blast

Emailing a participant list of an activity just got easier with the “Email Registrants” link right on the registrations tab of an activity.

Sorting on Registrations Tab & Reporting

Did you know that you can click on the columns of the registrations tab (and most reports, too!) to sort data by that column?

Registration Dates

Creating seasonal registration dates saves you time from having to add them each time you create an activity. Once created you can choose them from a drop down on the activity instead of plugging them in. Global registration dates are created by going to the Programs tab and then Registration dates link.

Program Sub-headings

Sub-headings give programs with multiple activities a cleaner way of organizing so that groups of activities can be quickly located. Each sub-heading has a title & description for the group of activities beneath it. Swim lessons have never looked so good!

Sub-headings can be used by selection in the Program details. 

  • Must be activated before adding activities
  • If you are not seeing the checkbox, contact MyRec.com to have this function activated

Gift Certificates in the POS Module

Gift Certificates

If you sell nothing else, in your public side store, you should sell Gift Certificates. 


You can create any denomination of Gift Certificates, and it will print out a code with instructions for someone to add that amount to their account. Gift Certificates in MyRec.com are digital certificates that the member can print or email from their account and do not require your department to purchase cards or certificates.

The Print Icon

The print icon is located in the upper left corner of your management side. It lets you print any page you are currently on with a quick click!