Time-Based Activities

Last Update: August 20th, 2021

Benefits of Time Based Activities

Creating a Time Based Activity will help to simplify your swim lessons, music lessons, or private classes setup and registration. Time Based Activities take advantage of Advanced Activities to allow you to enter multiple timeslots under a single activity. This allows for faster simplified setup, better registrations, and easier roster management for both you and your instructors.

Creating Time Based Activities

Start by creating an Advanced Program and then adding an Advanced Activity.page1image2248649568

When adding a new Advanced Activity on the Add New Activity step select Register by Time Slot.

On the Next Step, Time Slots will be created on the Add Activity Dates screen.

When adding times, start by entering your first time slot for the entire session. Then change the times and create more event dates if necessary. Enter times in selectable blocks. For example, if a registrant can choose an hour block, enter something like 11am to 12pm and then enter 12pm to 1pm after instead of 11am to 1pm.

From here add pricing options, budget group assignment, registration information and requirements; just as you would with any other Advanced Activity. See Advanced Activity Creation.

Settings to think about on Time Based

On Pricing Options selecting the Use Registration Restrictions checkbox will limit the purchase of time slots per day to the number entered per registrant. 

Understand that the Max Seats count will be set for each Time Slot. Example: 8:00-10:00 (2 seats), 10:00-12:00 (2 seats)

You will also be able to generate unique rosters for each time slot once the activity is complete and registration has begun.

Registering for Time Based Activities

Start by searching for an activity as you would with a standard registration.


Select Purchasing Options and then choose from the available options.

After selecting your Option, the system will ask you to choose a Time Slot.

page3image2221340432 If the slot has no available seating it will not let you proceed with that time.

From this point on, add the items to the cart and proceed with registration as normal.

Viewing Rosters with Time Based Activities

Rosters with Time Based Activities allow you to view all registrants for the entire program as well as registrants by Time Slots.